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MPC5643L flash driver execution from SRAM

Question asked by andrea mocci on Sep 13, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2016 by andrea mocci

Hi all,

In our application, SSD C90FL drivers are executed directly from ROM.

Because I have encountered few read-while-write problems, I am moving drivers execution from ROM to SRAM.

Anyway, I am now in trouble with CACHE management (and CACHE enabled is needed by the high level SW control) during Flash driver execution from SRAM.

The only way would be to disable CACHE, but, as specified above, I would like to (or better, I have to) avoid CACHE disabling. 

So the question is: Is it posible (and if yes, how) to execute Flash drivers from SRAM and keep CACHE enabled at the same time?


Any suggestion would be very appreciated!!!




Andrea Mocci