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Couple of issues discovered in lwIP port

Question asked by Michael Brudevold on Sep 13, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2017 by Lawrence Muray

Using Kinetis SDKv2 on a K64 dev kit.


In function ethernetif_input, status is compared against kStatus_Success in the else case.  The issue is that status can be kStatus_ENET_RxFrameEmpty, which is a valid case of data not ready, not an error.  This was causing me occasional packet loss.  Changing it to check against kStatus_ENET_RxFrameEmpty fixed it.


Also in ethernetif_input, the call to ENET_ReadFrame expects a contiguous buffer, which is not guaranteed.  It also incorrectly modifies the length of the packetBuffer.  Either ENET_ReadFrame needs to be aware of the pbuf structure or a temporary buffer needs to be created to fit the entire packet.  Failure to do so causes unintended memory to be overwritten.