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questions for QT5 in yocto

Question asked by zhaozhou meng on Sep 13, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2016 by gusarambula


I'm working on the imx6q with fsl-community-bsp krogoth branch and meta-qt5 with the same branch.


So I build the fsl-multilmedia-full image for the board and add the qt5 in the image.


I have added the following codes in the local.conf (just a example, there are also some others dependencies package added), my questions are: 

1.  After created the image, I run the image on the board, I don't find the examples of QT5 like in the PC (there is not a  repertory /examples), but in the local.conf I added the "qtbase-examples and others examples" and there was not the error while building.

2. I have tried to use the bitbake -s | grep qtbase* to find the package "qtbase-fonts, qtbase-plugins, qtbase-tools and other package like that for QT " but I didn't find them, there is only qtbase package. There was not the error while building.


So I want to know why, is there anybody that can help me ?


Thanks very much

IMAGE_INSTALL_append = " 
    qtbase \     qtbase-fonts \     qtbase-plugins \     qtbase-tools \     qtbase-examples \     qtdeclarative \     qtdeclarative-plugins \     qtdeclarative-tools \     qtdeclarative-examples \     qtdeclarative-qmlplugins \     qtmultimedia \     qtmultimedia-plugins \     qtmultimedia-examples \     qtmultimedia-qmlplugins \     qtsvg \     qtsvg-plugins \     qtsensors \     qtimageformats-plugins \     qtsystems \     qtsystems-tools \     qtsystems-examples \     qtsystems-qmlplugins \     qtscript \     qt3d \     qt3d-examples \     qt3d-qmlplugins \     qt3d-tools \     qtwebkit \     qtwebkit-examples-examples \     qtwebkit-qmlplugins \     qtgraphicaleffects-qmlplugins \     qtconnectivity-qmlplugins \     qtlocation-plugins \     qtlocation-qmlplugins \     cinematicexperience \     "