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URGENT : Maping a variable in a section using CodeWarior

Question asked by Maher MALAK on Sep 13, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2016 by Martin Kovar



I am trying to map a variable to given section that is defined in the linker file (attached : XPC560XB_flash.lcf).


In my code, I have two variables, one declared normally and the second should be written in a given section (called RamNoInit, where after SW reset and during startup, the values of this section should keep their variables)


the declaration of the variables is :


The declaration of the section in the linker file :

   in Memory

   in Sections:


In the generated Map file, we have the variable "ubRamNoInit" is not mapped in the correct section:

and the "noinit" section is empty:


Do you have an idea why i  have this problem ?

Do I declare correctly the variables ?

Do I need change something in the compilers options (attached : PA_XPC560XB_mwewrks_cfg.mak) ?


Thank you


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