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Help with SPI in KW40Z

Question asked by Divya K on Sep 12, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2016 by Jorge Antonio Alcala Vazquez

Hi. I am referring the FRDMKW40ZUG.pdf which is the user guide for the KW40Z chip. I need to work with the SPI but I see that the SPI is connected to the Flash memory by default on the freedom board. In the user guide in section Serial flash memory (SPI interface), I find this line - "You can share the SPI with other peripherals using the J2 SPI connectors. The normal SPI_SS and the second chip-select must not be active at the same time."


Which is the second chip select? Is it SPI0_PCS1?


My main question is how do I use the SPI in the FRDM KW40Z board?