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UART Problem on the RX line

Question asked by Giovinetti Roberto on Sep 13, 2016
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Hello everybody

I'm dealing with a problem that make me crazy. In my project I communicate with a board via RS485 interface, and I use UART0 of the MKE04Z128VLH4 mcu and a transceiver like LT1785. I use half duplex communication: I use a line to toggle data direction, and the UART0 to send/receive data to/from extern board. It states that it is a solution that I use for years by other MCU, and I've never had problems. So, MCUs is a "master", sends data and wait the reply from extern board, and to do it, use a pin, configured as outtup: when MCU have to transmit it put the pin (let me call it DATA_DIR) high, sends data, and turn DATA_DIR low, then it waits for data from the extern board. The problem is that toggling DATA_DIR causes toggling of RX pin, and it causes falses RX interrupts, and uncorrect data. I can't understand why with others MCUs the problem there was not. For example on the board that have to communicate with this one, I use the same scheme, and MKE02Z32VLC2, and it works fine!!!.

I've attached imagine of the schemes used to communicate: as you can see there's a pullup of 1K on RX pin. Usually communication is like in the RX.jpg file: line RX is attached to 5V, and when data comes, it switches. With UART0 of MKE04Z128VLH4 RX line is always low, and it switches when data arrives, but HW and SW are the same as for MKE02Z32VLC2 solution.

Where I'm doing worng? I can't understand why or maybe I didn't read a note on UART0 that is different from others.

I hope someone can help me to understand where's the matter.

Thank you very much



Here I post UART0 configuration an DATA_DIR setting


//------ Seriale numero 1 --> 57600, 8 bit, nessun controllo HW
UART0_BDH = UART0_VALUE_BDH;    //Formula --> BusClock/(16 * BD) = velocità
UART0_BDL = UART0_VALUE_BDL;       //Quindi per avere 57600 BD = BusClock/(16*57600) = 26
UART0_C1 = 0x00;

UART0_C2 |= UART_C2_RIE_MASK;    //interrupt enable on RX




GPIOB_PDDR |= PTF3_MASK;   //Port PFT3 used as an output for data direction

GPIOB_PCOR |= PTF3_MASK   //Port PFT3 goes low, so i'm in RX mode