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Controlling WS2812B LED Strip From IMX6SL over PWM

Question asked by sandeep sharma on Sep 13, 2016
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We want to control WS2812B Led Strip from IMX6SL SOC over PWM . I am planning to use the EPDC_SDCE2/I2C3_SCL/PWM1OUT  line of iMX6 to do this job. We have also made the necessary changes to the DTS file to use this pin as PWM. Linux driver currently being loaded is pwm-imx.


To drive this LED strip we need to send 24-Bit patterns at 800kHz with a delay of 50us for each LED on the strip.

My queries below:-


1) Can you please let us know that imx6sl pwm output would be able to drive this LED strip?

2) Can you please let us know which user mode driver in kernel is responsible for controlling brightness of the LED's over pwm. Had this tried before?

3) Is Hardware DMA mandate to drive this LED strip?

4) Can you please Let us know the clock configuration to drive this LED over pwm?



1) LED:- 



Sandeep S