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LS1021A-IOT: QorIQ Linux SDK v0.4 no longer supported?

Question asked by Jean-Francois Riendeau on Sep 12, 2016

Earlier this year (around March 2016), our team have been able to successfully use the v0.4 SDK to build a slightly tweaked version of U-Boot for the LS1021A-IOT. I've been tasked to apply another set of modifications to U-Boot, but it looks like this version of the SDK is no longer working. It relies on a few hardcoded URLs to a Freescale server (e.g. that is no longer in service. I attached the build log, because for some reason, Paste is not working in my browser on this website...


So more precisely:

  1. How come "" was working and now doesn't?
  2. Is v0.4 still the official SDK version to build for LS1021A-IOT?
  3. If not, which one must I use?

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