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Warp7 ( imx7solo ) bricked

Question asked by Edward Tyrrell on Sep 13, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2016 by Andreea Ignat

Hi All,


I'm trying to de-brick a warp7 development board after one attempt at loading a new kernel; here is what I have done so.

- Built new Yocto kernel ( Krogoth ) as per instructions. Used Yocto for many projects previously, no issue here.

- dd the *.root.sdcard image on to the Warp7 as per instructions. Used and tripped checked /dev/sdb was correct.

- Download started but failed as VM crashed.

- Checked board, nothing out debug port, no u-boot or kernel boot messages.

- Rebuilt everything on an Ubuntu machine - everything rebuilt fine.

- Figured the image flashing caused some major damage, decided to re-flash u-boot.

- Followed these instructions to the letter;a=blob;f=board/warp7/README which are exactly the same as the Warp7 manual. Every appears to load fine with all the correct responses from supposedly re-lfashing u-boot. Flashing ended with "#DOWNLOAD ... OK , Ctrl+C to exit ..."

- Flicked switch 2 back and re-power the board as per instructions, nothing.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.