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mfgtool  stop at "Sending Firmware"

Question asked by jie liu on Sep 11, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2016 by jie liu

We have  designed Imx28 board and size of my DDR is 128MB. we must  take  these next  steps

1、linux_prep/include/mx28/platform.h    change size for DRAM
#define SDRAM_SIZE    0x04000000

2、/power_prep/power_prep.c      only 5v power

3、/mach-mx28/hw/power/src/hw_power_registers.c  ---???
 //261 line

4、 boot_prep/init-mx28.c   --- enable DIV_CPU_FRAC_EN    ???
1304 line
   value =0x00010401 ; // HW_CLKCTRL_CPU_RD();
5、 boot_prep/init-mx28.c   ----parameter for ddr
void DDR2EmiController_EDE1116_200MHz(void)    {   .......  }


why we must take  step 3 and 4 .


when I use mfgtool ,but mfgtool  stop at "Sending Firmware" the console output as attach

I take follow these step

1、I test design for DDR2 on our board as attach

2、I use mem-test   to test my board  ,the console output as follow

simple test
     DDR test passed
   t0: memcpy11 SSN test
  t1: memcpy8 SSN test
   t2: memcpy11 random pattern test
   .....t3: byte-wise SSN test
  cycle pass

3、when I delete  next command

 <CMD type="push" body="send" file="files/" >Sending Firmware</CMD>

the consloe  output as follow

 UTP: running utp_mk_devnode(class/misc,ubi_ctrl,/dev/ubi_ctrl,0x2000)
utp_mk_devnode: creating node '/dev/ubi_ctrl' with 10+62
UTP: sending Success
UTP: received command '$ flash_eraseall /dev/mtd0'
UTP: sending Busy
UTP: executing "flash_eraseall /dev/mtd0"
Erasing 128 Kibyte @ 1400000 -- 100 % complete.
UTP: sending Success
UTP: received command '$ kobs-ng init -v $FILE'
UTP: sending Busy
UTP: executing "kobs-ng init -v $FILE"
  chip_0_device_path = "/dev/mtd0"
  chip_1_device_path = "(null)"
  search_exponent = 2
  data_setup_time = 80

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