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02: Failed on connect  Could not connect to core. 31: No connection to emulator device

Question asked by Jacopo Monegato on Sep 12, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2016 by Jacopo Monegato

It is my first custom board with NXP so it's -very- possible i did something wrong.

I am using a LPC 11u68, I followed the basic connections schematic on page 82 of the datasheet and the schematic from the LPC11u68 board (which is what i'm using to debug)

This is the error i'm getting

02: Failed on connect
Could not connect to core.
31: No connection to emulator device


I had this problem on friday too, but after putting a pullup on the ISP pin i was able to program and debug the board for just one time, to see that it stopped during the startup code, because -of course- i didn't change it so it would run on the internal oscillator.

This was friday at 6 PM so i called it a day, but now i can't program it, period. i can of course program the MCU on the LPCexpresso board.

I already read the other topics and, again, i could program it for one time, used the default settings on LPCExpresso IDE, the MCU on the demo board can still be programmed.

Next thing i'm going to try is to hack a crystal and two capacitors on the board to see if i can get somewhere, after that i'll try the flash magic solution.


Any other ideas?


Oh, yes, the SWD waveforms look good, i don't believe it's an hardware problem