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i.mx6plus mmdc profiler: AXI IDs, AXI ID MASK

Question asked by Lothar Felten on Sep 10, 2016
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I'm migrating from i.mx6quad to i.mx6quad plus. In the imx6q I used the MMDC profiler to measure the load of the IPU0/1, GPU3D, VPU and the ARM cpus.

For the imx6qplus some of the AXI IDs have changed and the PRE0:3 was added.


I made the following changes to my profiling program:

ARM_S0/S1: no change

IPU1/2: no change

GPU3D0/1: from ID 2/3 to ID 6/E, mask unchanged

VPU: from ID 13 to 2, mask unchanged


(based on the Applications Processor Reference Manual Rev 0, 02/2016)


The program used to report useful numbers for the i.mx6, with the changes above all counters stay at zero except when profiling the ARM cpu.


Are the AXI IDs and masks correct?

Is there anything else that has changed for the MMDC profiler?


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