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LPC Link, flash command line

Discussion created by Rian Malcovich on Sep 10, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2016 by LPCX presso support

I have a LPC-Link that I'd like to use as command line programmer (Windows).

After IDE (LPC Xpresso) it initialize the boards, programming can be done by using a command line


C:\nxp\LPCXpresso_8.0.0_526\lpcxpresso\bin\crt_emu_cm3_gen -flash-load-exec "test_project/Release/test_project.axf" -g -2 -vendor=NXP -pLPC824 -wire=hid -s3000 -flash-driver=LPC800_32.cfx -x D:/test_project/Release


Now the question is how do I initialize the board like LPC Xpresso does?

Above line works until I unplug the USB from the board.


This is very convenient for production programming, so don't need IDE anymore.


Also, how can I provide the license in command line (a batch file probably) since I may use a computer that doesn't have a IDE installed.


Thanks in advance,