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FRDM-KW40Z wirelessUartDemo example Rx, How to ...?

Discussion created by Chandra Mohan C on Sep 9, 2016
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From the Freescale's wireless uart demo and Kinetis android app i could able to send and receive data without any issues


In the uartDemo example code i could see write API for sending data to Client app, but i don't see a read API for receiving data from client app. But how data is printed in the console connected to laptop ?


static void BleApp_SendUartStream(deviceId_t deviceId,
        uint8_t *pRecvStream, uint8_t streamSize)


    GattClient_WriteCharacteristicValue(deviceId, &characteristic,
                                        streamSize, pRecvStream, TRUE,
                                        FALSE, FALSE, NULL);


It would be a great if someone share me document or information regarding UART demo app