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MCIMX7D-SABRE SDB - Use SD1 (SD card slot J6) for SDIO Wi-Fi Module

Question asked by Dawei Chen on Sep 9, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2016 by igorpadykov



I was wondering if the SD card slot (J6) on the MCIMX7D-SABRE SDB can support an 802.11ac Wi-Fi module in SDIO3.0 mode. 


Two areas of concern:


Looking at the schematic of the SDB, I noticed the current supply to NVCC_SD1 has max current 100mA.

The other SD2 ports shared the same the current supply (SW2_1V8), which has max current 1,250 mA.


The max power consumption of my Wi-Fi module is 630 mA.  I assume the VDD_SD1 can support it.


My goal is to boot the board from an eMMC (SD3 port) and drive an SDIO Wi-Fi module installed on the SD card slot (J6).


Thank you very much.