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T1040RDB L2 Switch port ping fails

Question asked by Rajaram Ghosh on Sep 9, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2016 by Pavel Chubakov
T1040RDB L2 Switch port ping fails after sometimes when connected to external L2 switch; we are using SDK 1.7.
Below is the setup
Inline image 1
Follow these steps
1) Connect the systems according to the above diagram
2) Power on the PC and the external L2 Switch (but not the T1040RDB)
3) From PC start pinging the T1040RDB (it would not ping as T1040RDB is not yet powered on)
4) Power on T1040RDB ( switch application should be running and fm1-gb1 IP should be set; we are doing it through a boot script)
1st Observation: 
1) In this case the moment T1040RDB is booted up the ping from PC is expected to be successful, but it is not pinging
1st option: Now if you reconnect the cable between T1040RDB and the external L2 Switch, the ping will be successful. 
2nd option: instead of reconnecting the cable if we do a soft reset (linux 'reboot' command) then the T1040RDB start pinging. 
2) If you change the external L2 Switch from 10/100Mbps to 10/100/1000Mpbs (different switch in our case), it starts pinging (without reconnecting the cable) as expected after T1040RDB power on. 
3) If you repeat this test without connecting any external L2 Switch in the middle (connect T1040RDB to PC directly), it start pinging (without reconnecting the cable or reboot) as expected after T1040RDB power on .
In all cases Auto Negotiation is Enabled in T1040RDB (FYI T1040RDB does not advertise Flow Control - 'Flow Control Disabled')
2nd Observation
1) Irrespective of we using 10/100Mbps or 10/100/1000Mpbs external L2 Switch, the ping stops after sometimes (large variability in time), and in this case even if we reconnect the cable the ping does not come back; but if we do a soft reset (linux 'reboot' command) then the T1040RDB starts pinging.