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Situation for LS1021A High-Resolution Timers?

Question asked by stefannickl on Sep 9, 2016
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I'm working with a standard Linux 4.4.19-rt27 kernel on the TQ Systems platform for the LS1021A, and  following, I'm not getting high-resolution timers despite having them activated in the kernel config.


I've tried all preemption levels that can be configured from PREEMPT_RT to LAZY, each time cyclictest warns about unavailable high resolution timers and gives results that correspond to the jiffy period.


Any advice how this could be solved?


I've seen replies to older posts referring to SDK kernels, but according to the FAE the platform work by Freescale/NXP is now pushed to mainline instead (very agreeable move in general), and the BSP by TQ Systems is also based on the standard kernel.


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