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Parallel programming 89c668

Question asked by Attila Gallai on Sep 9, 2016

Hi everybody,

I would like to program P89C668 microcontroller using parallel programming method. I have almost every information, but I need some details. I know which pins act as address llines (A0-A15) for flashing, but the available resources said the status byte and boot vector can be programmed at address 10000 hex  and  10001 hex. It means I have to use A16,  but I do not know which pin has to be used for this address.

My second question is the method to erasing the chip using parallel programming technic.

The answer for the first question is the most important to me, because after set boot vector back to the factory default  I will be able to erase and program the chip using ISP method.

Help me please if you know the answer. Thanks.