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CSI-2 JPEG Stream

Question asked by John Dusing on Sep 9, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2016 by John Dusing

The camera HAL appears to be expecting a JPEG stream from the CSI-2 interface on the i.MX6.  If the data through the CSI-2 is raw YUV422 pixel format and not run through a converter, how can a raw video stream be specified? I'm not sure how to bypass this.


In an earlier post the following question was also asked:

Using UV5640_mipi.c with modifications to support video streaming from a test pattern generator into i.MX6 CSI-2 camera input (virtual channel 1, YUV422).  When code is set to 1360x768 image 1 is ok.  When code is changed to 1366x768 and the input pattern is changed to be 1366x768, picture 2 is incorrect.  Does something else need to change in the driver, or does another driver need modified?  Scrolling occurs, how is HSYNC determined?