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Could not find symbol XXX in index

Question asked by Clemens Gruenberger on Sep 9, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2016 by Clemens Gruenberger

Hi there,

i have troubles setting up the indexer chain in CWDS.

When i want to follow (CRTL + click)  a certain function, wich is implementend in a complet different file, i get the above mentioned error message.

Somehow if i search the function name and its implementation manualy and open the corresponding file, the all (CRTL + click) work for the symbols defined/implemented in that opend file until i use Index >> Rebuild context option on the project.

The project is rather big, round about 100 source files + headers, and has a complex folder structure... but is non the less buildable, debugging works... Project include paths should be visible to indexer...

I use:

- CodeWarrior for MCU
     Version: 10.6.4
     Build Id:150416


on a Windows 7 64 system.


Thanks in advance

Kind regards

Clemens Grünberger