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KSKD 2.0 Wizard to build the new project

Question asked by Christie Su on Sep 9, 2016
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I am using FRDM-K66, KDS 3.2 and KSDK 2.0 to build my application. I tried the demo application and all work fine.

Now, I am trying to build my own project including all required files under my project directory:

1) I should use KSDK 2.0 wizard to generate my project? Should I include all driver, or just minimal? What is major difference between two? If I do not select RTOS, is it easy to add when I need it?

2) After I generate the new project, how to add the required files into my new project if I want to build my new project with the same function as demo bare-mental httpsrv? Is there step by step instruction?

3) Is there any better way to do so?