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S12ZVC Regulator Max Current

Question asked by jinjingyang Employee on Sep 8, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2016 by Radek Sestak

Dear Sir,


According to S12ZVC ref manual rev1.5 page 725 "E.1 VREG Electrical Specifications", the max 5V LDO output current is 70mA or 50mA without external PNP.

What's the difference between the two cases? (both are without external PNP).


If using external PNP, what's the typical max current?

If this need customer to evaluate the thermal performance by themselves, do we have any estimates?


According register description, external PNP and internal regulator, only one of them can be used?

Can they be turned on at the same time to achieve more current?


The problem here is that MCU need 25mA and CAN phy need 50mA. That means S12ZVC cannot provide any more current for external 5V device on the PCB. Even without any external 5V device, if customer need use the 4x25mA + 1x20mA high current output, the S12ZVC is not able to provide enough current?

Thus customer has to add an 5V LDO for this case?



Jason Yang