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Increasing android dalvik heap on 4G RAM device

Question asked by Brian Ho on Sep 7, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2016 by Brian Ho

Hi community,

using IMX6q, 4G RAM, android 5.02,


we are using a customize board from sabresd, we made it to size 4G ddr3 in android 5.02, we know the limitation just about 3.75GB be available.

we did ddr calibration, and the ddr works quite nice.

our customer will design a quite complex application, hope to use largeHeap="true". heap will be largest is better, and only one largeHeap enabled app in the future.

(but the app is not included in my test now, I'm estimate large heap possibility)

In current imx6 android 5.02 bsp, the "dalvik.vm.heapsize" set as 384MB. 

the default is frameworks/native/build/

I tried to change it to 512MB, and rebuild the images, it will not be able to boot up.

debug serial kernel message shows the loop:


init: untracked pid xxxx killed by signal 9

request_suspend_state: wakeup <0->0> at xxxxxxxxxxxx (1970-03-25 xxxxxxxxXX UTC)



Did anything I missed, or there is a limitation in changing "dalvik.vm.heapsize"?

any advise will be very appreciated.