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Cyryllic chars in KDS

Question asked by Piotr Dzierzak on Sep 8, 2016

I have problem with cyryllic chars in KDS.

I use Kinetis KL46 (ARM Cortex M0+) and defalult GNU C Compiler.


I declare chars like below. There is problem only with cyryllic chars.......


My declaration and initiations:

static const char RUFont1[]= "1234567890-=";
static const char RUFont2[]= "йцукенгшщзхъ";
static const char RUFont3[]= "фывапролджэ";
static const char RUFont4[]= "ячсмитьбю";
static const char RUFont5[]= "ЙЦУКЕНГШЩЗХЪ";
static const char RUFont6[]= "ФЫВАПРОЛДЖЭ";
static const char RUFont7[]= "ЯЧСМИТЬБЮ";


What I have to do in KDS to have a values in arrays of chars like in the ASCII table below?

For example I want to have:

Б = 193

Щ = 217

Ф = 212 etc....


while I have from compilator different values, for examples:

Б = 208 etc.


I tried to change codeparge in KDS like

Window > Preferences > General > Workspace, set "Text file encoding" to "Other : UTF-8

but withaut good effect...

Could anyone know what I have to change, set..?




I will be very grateful for help