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Simulations possible for MC9S12DG256 using CodeWarrior Special Edition?

Question asked by Jeremy Ruth on Sep 7, 2016

Hello, I apologize if this has been asked before. I am a college student and we are using the Dragon12-P2 board for our microprocessors class. I commute from some distance every day, and so I have downloaded the special edition version of code warrior to use at home in an attempt to write some of the assembly programs for the class. I was hoping to be able to use CodeWarrior at home, just to run simulations on my programs, which would then be completed in the class labs with the hardware present. I am not able to find the right microcontroller in the Special Edition list of bareboard projects however. Is there an option to run simulations in the special edition version for the MC9S12DG256 chip? I will never be connecting to the board from home, I just wanted to write some of the class programs and run some testing on them from my house. Is it possible to use another profile or is there a way to add the microcontroller to CodeWarrior Special Edition? I have tried searching for an answer to this quite a bit, but can't find anything conclusive. Any information or help would be greatly appreciated!


Also just to avoid confusion, I am hoping to be able to use a free edition specifically. I am an EE major rather than CPE and don't anticipate needing to use the software after the current microprocessors class. I will have approximately 10 labs total throughout the semester, so purchasing the Developer Tools v5.1 option would be overkill for my expected usage time. Likewise the 30 day trial is a little too short. I may be able to get by with a 60 day extended trial if something like that is offered? Or maybe there is a better version of the free software that I should use other than what I downloaded? That is why I was asking about using the special edition specifically, since the amount of time I need the software will be relatively low with only a few projects needing to be simulated.