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[P1013] Boot a Codewarrior Bareboard ELF file from RAM

Question asked by Jason Fohr on Sep 7, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2016 by Adrian Stoica

I have u-boot running on a custom P1013 board. I also have a bareboard CodeWarrior project that I have created using the template. It should print "Welcome to codewarrior" and then loop forever. I am able to tftp the ELF image into RAM and boot into the image, but I'm not getting any text. I have updated the serial project to point to the u-boot registers, but I still see nothing. The code successfully runs so it is not crashing,  but something must be configured configured wrong.


I would prefer to have the ELF image reload all of the settings and not rely on U-boot for pre-initalization, but it seems like the default build configurations don't support that. I either build the RAM image, which is relying on the POD to run the target init script. Or, I build the ROM image, which is assuming the image is booting from ROM.


What is the best way to handle this issue?