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Help figuring out last default DCF Record written to MPC5748G

Question asked by Gonzalo Victorio on Sep 7, 2016
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I was wondering if somebody from NXP or perhaps a DCF-experienced user could help me figure out what the last DCF Record written by default to a MPC5748G device is doing.


Basically I want to understand what NXP sets in the chip during manufacturing so I read the DCF Records (starting at 0x00400348) of a couple devices that have never had any DCF Records written after NXP delivery and I was able to figure out each one of the records except the last one, which seems like it is writing to the OTPEN1 DCF client however the value being written does not make sense to me since it would be reserved bits according to the MPC5748G RM.


Please see the following image explaining my "DCF parsing" process... Can anyone clarify to me what that last DCF record is doing?


Figuring out last default DCF record on MPC5748G


Thanks in advance!