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S32K144 Flash Code Test - "Device is secure. Erase to unsecure?"

Question asked by kalidass B on Sep 7, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2016 by Lukas Zadrapa

Hi All,
I have a PCB board with S32K144 on it, i want to write 256 bytes data into flash and again i want to READ that data.
I have edited piece of code with flash demo code which is given by the S32 design studio

/* Write some data to the erased PFlash sector */
address = flashSSDConfig.PFlashBase + PFLASH_IFR;
ret = FlashProgram(&flashSSDConfig, address, size, sourceBuffer, pCmdSequence);
if (ret != FTFx_OK)
return ret;

/* Read on P-Flash */
address = flashSSDConfig.PFlashBase + PFLASH_IFR; /* Start address of Program Field */
ret = FlashReadResource(&flashSSDConfig, address, DataArray, 0x0, pCmdSequence);

if (ret != FTFx_OK)
return ret;
p_data = (uint32_t *)&DataArray;

I am trying to program a S32K144 via the Multilink in IAR work bench. The board has been working fine before., but then it shows the "Device is secure.Erase to unsecure". I keep pressing Yes.
AFter doing this twice the "Multilink" not connected is shown.


How to solve it? Kindly give me some suggestions


Thanks in advance.