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iMAX6 Quad / ADV7280M / Linux Driver / V4L2 Architecture / Address Register Map

Question asked by Peter Amond on Sep 6, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2016 by Carlos_Musich

Dear All,


I'm using the ADV7280M chip in a new design. Currently I have a IMX6 Quad Sabre Lite development board and I'm trying to decode one CVBS input to feed iMax MIPI using the circuit which I was made from ADV7280M. I connected ADV7280M with iMAX6 using I2C and MIPI data lane.Also, I have Linux distribution that has an adv7180_mipi.c driver.


  1.       Does this driver compatible with ADV 7280M ? Does Analog Devices have a Linux driver for ADV7280M ? Are you aware of any other driver support or how this driver can be used to stream video from the ADV7280M ? Can you tell me the way of combining ADV7280M with Video 4 Linux architecture ?
  2.       As well as it is not possible to run the script given here ADV7280 / ADV7280-M Design Support Files for ADV7280M development board as I have made my PCB using only ADV7280M chip. There is no usb data communication and I'm just using I2C and MIPI data and clk pins of the chip to communicate with iMAX6. So I need to address the registers of the ADV7280M chip in a different way( Not like in Script). So can you tell me how should I address for each and every registers of the chip using I2C or provide some reference materials ?


Thank You,