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Is there another way  to download NFC Reader Lib for Linux?

Question asked by Hélmiton Cunha Jr on Sep 5, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2016 by Michael Neurohr

Hi folks!
I'm using buildroot in my project, along with NXP's NFC Reader Library for Linux V4.010.03.001609. I plan on creating a buildroot package to ease the installing/compilation of the library on my devices.

But there is a catch: I'm only able to download the latest library after a login session, accepting terms of use, updating my account's details and what not. Obviously that's not simply accessible through wget or curl on the buildroot.

Is there any other (simpler?) way I could download the lib's latest version? It doesn't seem to have a perm url or git for that purpose, or at least I'm not being able to find it.


[EDIT] If we're unable to get a downloadable link, could we host the library in another server? Or the library's licensing doesn't allow for this?

Thank you all for your time!