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Play video will lag on android JB4.3-1.1.1-GA

Question asked by Peter Tseng on Sep 5, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2016 by Peter Tseng


We try to play a video by "Cactus Player" on android JB4.3-1.1.1-GA

It can play but after bluetooth A2DP connected it will lag in every 2~3 seconds.

Have anyone the same issue. How to solve?


Follow is the information about the video,

- MPEG-4 (QuickTime)

- Video info : 8308 Kbps, 1280*720(16:9) and 29.970 (29970/1000) fps, AVC(High@L5) (CABAC/16 Ref Frames)

- Audio info : 96Kbps, 48.0KHz, Stereo AAC(LC)


Test platform:
1. CPU: i.MX6Q
2. OS: android_jb4.3_1.1.1-ga

3. boot from eMMC.


Test step:

1. Bluetooth A2DP connected.

2. Using 'Cactus Player' open file from internal SD card.

3. Video have lag every 2~3 seconds, but the audio output is normal.