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FMC Soft parser: Custom protocol between L2 and L3 or before L2

Question asked by Dmitry Slezkin on Sep 5, 2016



I have a problem in configuring PCD soft parser for following purpose.

We have to place custom protocol after Ethernet frame and before any higher level container (VLAN, MPLS, IP, etc.) and furthermore classify and/or distribute such frames basing on L3/L4 fields (e.g. ipv4.src or udp.dport).

The protocol has it's own Ether Type and contains in it's fields (in the last field) Ether Type of the next protocol.

When I try to write policy/custom prot. files as it explained in documentation (I could not found detailed document, only briefs), I successfully classified frames by (first) Ether Type, but I have not found the way to detect next protocols: How to send FMC the place of next protocol Ether Type?


Processor used: T4240RDB, SDK: 1.9.


I attach config, policy and protocol definition.

With this configuration all frames reaches distribution "stack" (fqid = 0x1520), but desired distribution is "dist" (fqid 0x1501, 0x1502).


The netx protocol Ether Type placed in "et" field.

Please help me with more detailed documentation about Soft Parser or explain which variables lihe "$shimoffset_1" need to be changed or something else.


The model form presentation (page 42) would be suitable for us, but unfortunately protocol xml example given below is not for this case.


Thank you! 

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