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iMX6SL UART debug issue.

Question asked by Yakov Shaulov on Sep 5, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2016 by igorpadykov



I've a custom board based iMX6SL. One of the serial ports (UART1), for debugging, connects directly to a header, in a way to connect external UART to USB adapter. Our SW Engineer tried to debug through this port and has encountered a problem.

He sent bit stream from PC to our board (I can see the bit stream on the scope on RX line) but the board doesn't respond at all. i.e., we don't see any changes on the TX line from the iMX6SL, and it should happen. 

As I understood, there is no any SW issue because, as SW engineer claims, he took the exactly code for debug on iMX6SL. So, probably is a HW problem.

On the other side, we do able to read and write to LPDDR through the USB port, and seems like the handshake between the LPDDR to iMX works properly. 

Anyone have meet same problem?

Do I miss something and what could be the problem? Is it HW or SW isuue?