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Board not booting when IPU2 parallel port is used

Question asked by Gunasekaran Srininvasan on Sep 5, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2016 by Gunasekaran Srininvasan

I am using IPU2_CSI parallel port to capture image from image sensor. The IPU2_CSI_HSYNC pin is muxed with BOOT_CFG4_7 pin (EIM_B3 pad). If the image sensor is connected when the system is powered, it's not booting.If I disconnect the image sensor, it's booting normally. If the image sensor is connected after the system is booted, I am able to capture the image. I guess there is some issue with the boot pin when the system is booting(boot ROM, boot cfg reading) and boot loader is stuck in some state instead of booting from SD card.



Additional details:

1. Board - Custom boardyou

2. Linux - 3.14.52

3. Yocto - Fsl-community

4. Image sensor will generate VSYHC, HYSNC and PIXCLK when the system is powerod on (possible that it happens even before the processor gets the power.I guess this is what messing up the boot sequence)