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Shell problem in FRDM-K64F

Question asked by Clecio Jung on Sep 5, 2016

            Hi everyone!


I got a problem and I came here to ask if some of you might help me… I am using the board FRDM-K64F with the following software solutions:

KDS 3.2;

KSDK 1.3;

MQX provided by KSDK;


When I use the Shell() function provided by nshell  library, the exit() method of the mqx is called, and all that I see on terminal is:

Shell (build: Sep  5 201

After that, I removed the task responsible of calling the shell, and tried to include the telnet shell, but when I open the connection nothing happens, I cannot write anything, but the program does not exit.

I am providing my source code in attachment hopping that some of you might help me.

Thank you.

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