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Fail to connect T1023 custom board using CW TAP

Question asked by abinesh selvaraj on Sep 4, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2016 by Adrian Stoica

We are using a custom board which is based on T1023-RDB design with some memory configuration changes. The system is booting u-boot from SPI NOR (S25FL256S - 32MB). I want to flash the u-boot bin in the NOR flash.


I'm using the following tools,


CodeWarrior IDE for Power architecture v10.5.1 windows

CodeWarrior  TAP (Over USB)

Probe Tip for Power-Architecture CodeWarrior (CWH-CTP-COP-YE)


I have created a code-warrior executable project and imported the existing flash programmer XML file of T1023RDB-SPI-FLASH (64MB).The flash programmer task has been updated with program/verify action (flash offset as 0). When the project is executed, following error message is shown,


"FAILED TO CONFIGURE JTAG CHAINS". On enabling the JTAG diagnostics, following message is shown in console,




Kindly suggest the reason and possible solution for this issue,


Thanks & Regards,