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BitBurner can't read the OTP after HAB closed

Question asked by Collin Shi on Sep 5, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2016 by lingku xia


 I am working on HAB in my imx28. 

firstly, I can use the BitInit to program the SRK efuse value into HW_OCOTP_SRK .

Then I can use the BitBurner to read back the HW_OCOTP_SRK value. It was set to what I programed.


In AN4555, it said change the SEC_CONFIG to Closed to close the HAB.

In BitBurner ,I can't find the SEC_CONFIG OTP. There is only HAB_CONFIG(21:20) In HW_OCOTP_ROM7.


So in the bit_setting.txt of otp_burner ,I set  hw_ocotp_rom7[21:20] = 3. then use the BitInit to program the hw_ocotp_rom7[21:20] bit.

But after I program the hw_ocotp_rom7[21:20] , I power off and power on imx28. Open BitBurner ,It can't read all the OTP value any more.

My question is:

1.  hw_ocotp_rom7[21:20] = 3  is the correct way to set the SEC_CONFIG to Closed ?

2. After program the hw_ocotp_rom7[21:20] ,why the BitBurner can not work ? How can I check whether the HAB_CONFIG value is correct?