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How to reinvoke UART ISP mode on LPC1343

Question asked by Mike Simmonds on Sep 2, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2016 by Rolf Meeser

I want to simulate UART ISP on an Olimex Eval Board because the target hardware is not ready.


The target will use an LPC1313 and therefore ISP will be on the UART.

The Olimex Eval Board has an LPC1343 with the USB boot mode pin strapped high.

This cannot be changed.

So I wrote code to reinvoke ISP via the IAP command in the reset handler.

However, the part goes into USB mode ISP, and not UART.

How can I make the device enter UART ISP?

NB: The ISP checksum of my code is correct.


My Code:

    movs    r0, sRam        ; r0 --> 0x10000000
    adds    r1, r0, 0x20        ; r1 --> 0x10000020


    sub    sp, 32            ; set stack (IAP friendly)
    movs    r2, 57            ; IAP command: Reinvoke ISP
    str    r2, [r0]        ;


    ldr    r3, =0x1FFF1FF1        ; IAP entry point (thumb bit)
    bx    r3            ; IAP(r0, r1)


Cheers, Mike.