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MC9S08PT8VLC: Zigbee module is not communicating with the microcontroller (UART).

Question asked by Arun Mallick on Sep 2, 2016

Hello all,


We are using a micro controller MC9S08PT8VLC with zigbee router, switches and LED's Connected through it, It functions as if the one of the button is pressed the microcontroller sends the signals to the zigbee router so that it can transmit some data to Zigbee coordinator. 
The code which we are flashing in our custom board was working fine earlier in late 2014. 


Now, the problem which we are facing is that: when we flash the code in the custom board, the functionality like blink & breath fuctionality of the LED's are working fine, but it doesn't transmit the data to the coordinator.


Please let us know if we are doing it wrong.


this is the previous question that we had asked  :--  MC9S08PT8: How to define interface to ZigBee? 


Let us know if the code needs to be updated..


Thanks in advance.

Original Attachment has been moved to: Zigbee_ROUTER_v6.rar