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MC9S08PT8: How to define interface to ZigBee?

Question asked by Arun Mallick on Sep 2, 2016

We got a code written in 2014 for our custom board which consists of MC9S08PT8 microcontroller and ZigBee router. The code was working fine earlier, we also debugged the code and there is no error. We are facing issue while trying to flash the code onto the chip. Below are the code files which need to be flashed.


While using code warrior to flash we get the following results upon using two separate flash configuration files:

1) Flash by using the standard configuration file as highlighted below. In this case we are able to flash the code onto the chip. Code works partially as in it performs the functions like lighting up LED etc on the board. But it doesn't transmit the data to the ZigBee module.



2) In the code repository we have a xml file which defines the microcontroller to ZigBee interface. While using this as a configuration file we are not able to flash the code onto the chip. Below highlighted buttons do not work in this case.(I'm not confirm about this)



Could someone please help here. Let me know if I m doing something wrong here.