Jacob Jennings

Bug report: fsl_sai_edma ignores multichannel SAI module

Discussion created by Jacob Jennings on Sep 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2019 by Henrique Nogueira

It appears that fsl_sai_edma.c uses the static s_edmaPrivateHandle to maintain callbacks for EDMA, but it reserves the 0 index for TX and 1 index for RX, ignoring SAI modules with more than one tx/rx channel (example: the K24 I am using has 2 TX and 2 RX in one SAI module).


I used the FSL_FEATURE_SAI_CHANNEL_COUNT feature indicator to amend fsl_sai_edma (see attached solution)

Original Attachment has been moved to: fsl_sai_edma.c.zip

Original Attachment has been moved to: fsl_sai_edma.h.zip