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Use procesor expert default problem

Question asked by marcela dueñas on Sep 1, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2016 by marcela dueñas

Hello everybody, i try to update to kds 3.2 and sdk 2.0 , a terrible idea because now all my projects have the next issue: 
ERROR: at line 1: {{DEVELOPMENT}} The symbol "UseProcessorExpertDefault" was used without testing %ifdef or %if defined(). It's recommended to use %get() instead (if possible). (file: Beans\CriticalSection\CriticalSection.chg) V3 CS1 Processor Expert Problem


i try to comeback again , i uninstall all and comeback to the 3.0 version but the issue is the same , an even if i choose freRtos or procesor expert there is an error . I don't know what more can i do. HELP!!!