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i.MX257: USB Host1 registers always read Zero

Question asked by Sayan Mukherjee on Sep 1, 2016
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I am preparing an USB driver for a board with iMX257 chipset.


I can read the register default values for OTG registers. But the Host1 registers are not in default values. All the values are read as Zero. Writing on those offset (0x0200 - 0x03A8) is also not reflecting. Whereas it is found that Host2 registers are in default values (though Host2 is not routed out).


I have set the hclk_usbotg clock. I wonder if any other clock setting is required for this or there may be some other setting. Is anyone having any idea? According to my understanding the usb_clk is enabled by default (Reason: By default usb_clk uses UPLL output as reference clock and UPLL is enabled by default).


I am stuck in the development.


Thanks in advance.



Sayan Mukherjee