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Lollipop5.0.0 images not booting on iMXDL custome board

Question asked by VIVEK TOL on Sep 1, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2016 by igorpadykov


          We have developed custom board with imx6dl processor by taking reference as SABRESD imx6q board.

-- Our emmc (16GB) is also connected to same SD4 port.

-- DRAM (4GB) is connected to DRMA pins.

-- External SDCard is conneted to SD3 port.

-- WiFi /BT (WL1831) is connected to SD1 and SD2 port.


We have developed images for this board as per

imx6 Android kitkat4.4.2 user guide and

imx6 Android Lollipop5.0.0 user guide.


We are using mfg tool available on NXP site for kitkat and Lollipop for downloading images onto the custom board.


On our custom board kitkat images are properly booting. But Lollipop images not booted. Even uboot also not started.


What may be the problem? Please guide.