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S32 design studio demo project[ FLASH_Example] issue

Question asked by 1 1 on Sep 1, 2016

I imported a demo that  is Flash_Example for the S32k144 board. And the demo comple is OK.

Running result is correct. But after changing clock (from Fast IRC to system PLL ), it doesn't run  normally.

I expect that the project always run if using OSC.

Figure 1

modifing demo Default clock Source  :Fast IRC,  Configuring Flash Clock Source  :System PLL

Configure SYSTEM PLL

 After starting  project ,No running normally



what is more,This reference manual of  S32K144RM reports Flash Clock is from FLASH_CLK,  However, 

when Rrocessor Expert configures Flash Clock, Flash Clock is from BUS_CLK ?

Figure 2

clocking architecture and various clock
sources for S32K144 demoboard.

Configuring Flash Clock : 8MHz   ,Bus Clock  :24MHz

However,In PCC Clock,how Flash Clock is 24MHz ?

hoping  resolve,In a hurry.

 thanks a lot

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