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Hard_Fault during debugging

Question asked by Armend Gecaj on Sep 1, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2016 by Armend Gecaj

Hi all,


i am working with CodeWarrior for MCU v10.6 and with the Kinetis K60F (MK60FN1M0).

I have a question. Maybe someone can give me a hint.


If i build my algorithm in CodeWarrior then i get no errors. But if i debugg it then i branch in a hard_fault.

The Problem is, the hard_fault occurs not during the execution of my algorithm. It occurs during downloading my algorithm to my microcontroller. Therefore, it is difficult to find the location where the hard_fault occured.


I tried also the 'HardFault' Component from Erich to get the location but it does not help, because my project is not executing.


Have someone any idea how to find out the problem?

Or can anybody tell me what can cause a hard_fault during downloading a project?


I do not think that the problem is a command in my algorithm because the hard_fault does not occur during the execution.

It have to be something else.


I would be grateful for any help.


Best Regards