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T4240 Secure Boot - SCRATCHRW(n) Registers

Question asked by Arlen Baker on Aug 31, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2019 by Ana Lim

I am working on getting secure boot enabled and working on the T4240.


The manuals that I am referencing are:

  •   QorIQ T4240 Family Reference Manual, Rev 1, 02/2015
  • Note that the latest version of that document has the Secure Boot section removed and references to other documents are in its place
  •   Freescale Linux SDK v1.7, Rev B, Mar 2015
  •   PBL Configuration Tool User Guide, Rev 4.0, 07/2014
  • Setting up Secure Boot on PBL bassed Platforms in Prototype Stage (no revision or date)


During the configuration of the PBI Data, I see that I need to write to SCRATCHRW1 for the address of the ESBC so ISBC can pass control to ESBC.  However, in the T4240 Reference Manual, section 27.3, there is no longer a definition for the SCRATCHRW(n) registers.


Can it please be confirmed that the SCRATCHRW(n) registers still are defined for the T4240 and that is the correct process for the T4240?


Thank you!