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LPC1758 IAP Flash Programming Failure

Question asked by Gianluca Furno on Aug 31, 2016
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I describe my problem


In my application, LPC1758 based, i have my own boot/loader that allow, using IAP, the programming of some areas of the internal memory (One area is code, one area is data)


While the boot/loader always resides in the bottom area (0x000000) the two externally programmable areas are located  respectively at 0x50000 - 0x5FFFF and 0x78000 - 0x78FFF


I dont have any problem programming the first area (0x50000) but i have failures when programming the second one. The same results was obtained at least on two differents unit.


The failure is often located in single byte in the location range  (0x78000 - 0x78FFF). The corrupted byte may have less "ones" or "less" zeroes. Actually, before programming this area i check if the flash content is effectively all 0xFF. 


For the moment i solved the problem inserting a Do-Retry session. If the programmed block fails i erase and program again


I would like to investigate on this issue

Anyone faced with this problem?




Gianluca Furno

MicroSHADOW Research