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Test scripting capabilities to automate bare execution on CodeWarrior for PAv10.5

Question asked by Javier O. Coronel Parada on Aug 31, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2016 by Yiping Wang

Hello everyone,


We are using CodeWarrior development environment (version CodeWarrior_PA_10.5 Linux distribution) on a T4240 PowerPC platform.
Since we are performing testing of a firmware on the T4240, we require test scripting capabilities to automate the load,
and, execution of testcases.

We have found the interface provided by the module cdde/bin/components/tcf/dbg/ offers functionality to initialise
the T4240 and load an ELF file from python scripts. However, under the CodeWarrior version PAv10.5 the module
used by is missing...

So, we would like to know which scripting capabilities are available in CodeWarrior for the automation of testcases running on bare machine.

And we would like to know if the module cdde/bin/components/tcf/dbg/ distributed is usable, and maintained as part of CodeWarrior releases.


Thanks in advance.