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Safety Class B with PMSM Sensorless Drive & RTCESL 4.3 available on

Discussion created by Pavel Sustek Employee on Aug 31, 2016

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Let me inform about latest MC software product update:

  1. New application note AN5321 Safety Class B with PMSM Sensorless Drive is fully available on NXP web pages including application software AN5321SW.
  2. NXP Embedded Software Libraries 4.3 (CM0+, CM4, CM7) – RTCESL-CM-4.3


 AN5321SW V1.0.0


  • List of the implemented IEC/UL 60730 tests:
    • CPU registers—tested for the “stuck at” condition.
    • Program counter—tested for the “stuck at” condition.
    • Flash memory—tested for the single bit error and multiple bits error.
    • RAM—tested for the “stuck at” condition and direct coupling faults.
    • Clock source—tested for the “wrong frequency” condition.
    • Watchdog—tested for wrong frequency and proper functionality.
    • Application stack—the same test as for the RAM and the overflow and underflow conditions.
    • Interrupt handling and execution—the interrupts are tested for too frequent or too infrequent executions. The program flow test is also integrated within this component.
  • Sensorless field-oriented control of PMSM
  • Supported MCUs: KV31
  • Supported HW platform: TWR-KV31F120 + TWR-MC-LV3PH + Linix motor

The application is based on PMSM SDK2.0 reference project.

Supported IAR

For more information about NXP Safety Class B library, please visit





  • Supported HW platform: TWR-KV31F120 + TWR-MC-LV3PH + Linix motor
  • New features:
    • KDS algorithms’ support for the CM7(F) core
    • New algorithms in MLIB (Mnac_F32, Mnac_F16, Mnac_A32ass, MnacSat_F32lss, MnacSat_F32, MnacSat_F16, MnacRnd_F32lls, MnacRnd_F32, MnacRnd_F16, MnacRnd_A32ass, MnacRndSat_F32lls, MnacRndSat_F32, MnacRndSat_F16)
    • New algorithms in GFLIB (FlexSRamp_FLT, FlexSRamp_F16, FlexSRampInit_FLT, FlexSRampInit_F16, FlexSRampCalcIncr_FLT, FlexSRampCalcIncr_F16, FlexRamp_FLT, FlexRampInit_FLT, FlexRampCalcIncr_FLT, DFlexRamp_FLT, DFlexRampInit_FLT, DFlexRampCalcIncr_FLT)
    • New algorithms in AMCLIB (ACIMRotFluxObsrvInit_FLT, ACIMRotFluxObsrv_FLT, ACIMSpeedMRASInit_FLT, ACIMSpeedMRAS_FLT, PMSMBemfObsrvABInit_F16, PMSMBemfObsrvABInit_FLT, PMSMBemfObsrvAB_F16, PMSMBemfObsrvAB_FLT)
  • Bug fixes and optimizations:
    • The AMCLIB_TrackObsrv_F16 used incorrect calculation.
    • Functions GFLIB_CtrlPIpAW_F16 and GFLIB_CtrlPIDpAW_F16 did not stop the integration process when the input flag was set.
    • Functions GFLIB_CtrlPIpAW_F16 and GFLIB_CtrlPIDpAW_F16 had an integration part limitation issue.
    • The GFLIB_Integrator_F16 was optimized.
    • The function GFLIB_VectorLimit1_F16 had saturation issue
    • The inoperative limitation in the GFLIB_Integrator_FLT function.
    • The wrong initialization in the GDFLIB_FilterMAInit_F16 function.
    • The functions GMCLIB_ElimDcBusRipFOC_F16, GMCLIB_ElimDcBusRipHw_F16sas had limitation issues.
    • The functions PCLIB_Ctrl2P2Z_F16, PCLIB_Ctrl3P3Z_F16, PCLIB_CtrlPID_F16, PCLIB_CtrlPI_F16, PCLIB_CtrlPIandLP_F16 did not use the MAC operations.
  • For more information about NXP Embedded Software Libraries 4.3, please visit


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